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Arlington Academy of Miami Inc.

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In being an Academy which students are encouraged to excel beyond

their level of learning and personal potential.

In ensuring that all students feel that they are in a comfortable, caring and

appropriately challenging environment.

That the classrooms should be bright, small class sizes, and orderly,

which stimulates and encourages a learning behavior.

All our teachers should be educationally trained and to be responsive to

each student's requirements.

That an environment should be conducive to learning.


To help develop good moral character and to encourage academic excellence


To have all Arlington Academy students reach beyond their own learning potential.

Why us?


Arlington Academy of Miami is committed to providing outstanding elementary, middle, and high school (college preparatory) education. The Academy distinguishes itself through the excellence of its instruction and by providing a challenging, but supportive environment for its students. Our objective is to maximize the potential of each student and foster values of autonomy, responsibilities and academic excellence.

Director's Quote:

It's not the size in number it's the strength in the individual...

Principal's Quote:

Together we stand divided we fall...

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